LET'S DIVE IN!I am a featured speaker and panelist on all things community and female empowerment, delivering key messages in a way that is succinct, personal, and memorable. I am also a skilled moderator of panels and other groups.

I speak to groups large or small. Corporate or not. Workshops, seminars, keynotes, and everything in between. I speak about everything related to business or entrepreneurship (founding, growing, rebranding, and closing down a company), community, and connection. 

Of course, I also speak to all aspects of female empowerment, from the philosophical to the practical. The workshop examples below are based on each of my 9 Pillars of Female Empowerment, but I can tailor any of the concepts around female empowerment to any group's needs/interests.

Big Picture Empowerment 

*Female Empowerment 101: What female empowerment is, why it's needed, and a discussion of my Nine Pillars of Female Empowerment (centered in three areas: Clarity, Connection, and Consciousness-Raising) and how to apply them to a person's life. 

Workshops and Seminars on each of the 9 Pillars of Female Empowerment


*Empowered Awareness. Based on Pillar #1: How to build personal insight, awareness, and a growth mindset

*Confidence. Based on Pillar #2: Practical steps for developing confidence, in part through the unexpected path of vulnerability.

*Empowered Success. Based on Pillar #3: What IS success...and how does one activate a success-oriented mindset? This course in goal-setting, progress toward said goals using creative visualization techniques, and developing affirmations for personal empowerment lands on the idea that the success of one woman benefits the collective.


*The Positive MindsetBased on Pillar #4: Tangible ways to dramatically shift the negative into the positive in our lives, using both cognitive behavioral therapy and simple daily methods.

*Empowered Community. Based on Pillar #5: How to build authentic interpersonal connections, robust networks, and empowered community, in business and in your personal life.

*Boundaries. Based on Pillar #6: This discussion centers around both building and respecting boundaries as a corollary to vulnerability and confidence.


*Resilience. Based on Pillar #7: Concrete steps for moving forward and thriving in life even in the face of major challenges.

*The Empowered Voice. Based on Pillar #8: We explore all of the ways in which women's voices are overshadowed and unheard and practice numerous techniques to combat those disruptions, including voice amplification. 

*Finding Meaning through Altruism & Activism. Based on Pillar #9, this seminar covers the benefits of altruism and how it marks the height of empowerment, along with a discussion around "The Personal is Political," consciousness-raising, and all forms of activism (and finding a method of activism that suits each individual).

Past topics have included:

*Female Empowerment 101*

*Female Empowerment through Fitness*

*Empowered Leadership*

*How to Build Empowered Community*

*Building Your Business Through Community*

*Empowerment: How to Build Collaboration over Competition*

*The Journey: A Woman’s Way*

*Avoiding Sexual Harassment in a Client-based Work Environment* (Workshop co-creator and co-speaker with Megan Eiss of Heddy Consulting)

*The Intersection Between Local Business and Community Development*

*How to Thrive as a Small or Growing  Business*

*The Empowered Voice: How to Speak Up in a Room Full of Powerful People*

*Empowered Decision-Making*

*Finding Insight, Resilience, and Meaning For You and Your Clients*