Speaker, writer, teacher, and

Female Empowerment expert

Leanne Shear 

Writer, Speaker, Consultant,

and Female Empowerment Expert


Welcome to my world!

After nearly a decade changing the lives of women for the better as the founder of Uplift, NYC's women-only fitness studio and female society, it's safe to say that I’m an expert in female empowerment.


However, that doesn’t mean I’ve always been perfect or even close to it: I’ve made my share of mistakes, misconnections, and a myriad of other failures, even in that realm about which I am so passionate.

But, I can say with certainty 

that female empowerment has been a calling for me from a young age, even when I fumbled through it.

And along the way, I've learned enough to share my hard-earned wisdom and empower women in all stages and stations in life through my proprietary 9 Pillars of Female Empowerment, which are clustered into three main areas: Clarity, Connection, and Consciousness-Raising.


Female Empowerment? What do you mean, Leanne? 


It's a concept that's been both overused and misunderstood. 

But for me, it's pretty simple. Women hold significantly less power than men in every single realm. And we're not gonna take it anymore


So, my thesis on female empowerment is also pretty simple: it's only when we women as individuals get empowered do we attain a critical mass and strength in numbers. And only then do we begin to gain the societal power we need, want, and demand.

In other words:

                            Personal strength→ 

Empowerment → 

Strength in numbers →


My solution? I created 9 Pillars of Female Empowerment, anchored in three main areas: Clarity, Connection, and Consciousness-Raising. I give women the tools they need to change their life on a micro scale, and when that happens with more and more women, we form powerful communities...and change society.

In fact, the name of my company-Leanne Shear WILL-indicates the power and potency I am tapping into on behalf of women everywhere. By helping all of us discover our inner strength, and band together, I WILL create the path for us to obtain societal power.

As we make progress in each field, we'll dismantle 

the patriarchy one connection and one community at a time, all starting with one woman: you, and me.

What My Clients Have Said

Leanne, You changed my life and are so inspiring! Your wit and words helped me through such hard times. I can’t wait to see the great things you will do next! Bravo to you and the team for all that you’ve done. -Christine N., NYC

Leanne, you have always been a beautiful example to me of someone who has lived and worked authentically and who has supported women in the best, most positive ways. You don’t realize how many lives you have affected, but they are COUNTLESS. (And even one life changed for the better is a huge tribute to you.) I am and always will be a huge fan, and please reach out if you ever choose to do anything in the future that can intersect with us. We would die to work with you...Congratulations on a wonderful business that was truly a success and a reputation that set a big example for us and many others!  -Mahri R., NYC

Leanne, your writing has always been so spot on and this was no different. Your transparency coupled with your positive outlook and attitude will lead you to the next, amazing step. Be proud of the risk you have taken and the lives you have impacted. -Kristen B., Pittsburgh


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