My 9 Pillars of Female Empowermentderive from over ten years' experience of working with women and changing their lives for the better. They're clustered in three main areas: Clarity, Connection, and Consciousness-Raising.


1. INSIGHT. Insight and awareness into yourself and the world around you, framed by a growth mindset.

2. CONFIDENCE. True confidence stems from its sister, vulnerability.

3. INTENT. The forming of positive habits (and the science behind how to do so), along with goal-setting, progress toward said goals using creative visualization techniques, and affirmations for personal empowerment, as well as the intrinsic understanding that the success of one woman benefits the collective.



4. POSITIVITY. Making a habit of turning negative thoughts, words, and actions into positive. Understanding how to shift our energy is the basis for our personal empowerment, and positivity permeates out into the world, positively impacting the women around us. 

5. COMMUNITY. The ability to build authentic interpersonal connections, robust networks, and empowered community, in both business and in your personal life.

6. BOUNDARIES. The most compassionate and empowered people both build and respect boundaries.


7. PRESENCE. Learning to cultivate strength and resilience gives us the ability to move forward and thrive in life even in the face of major challenges.


8. VOICE. Achieving empowerment comes from both speaking up and out, as well as listening actively.

9, MEANING. Altruism and its sister activism are the ultimate road to empowerment.