The highlights* of my consulting work fortuitously align with the three groupings of my Nine Pillars of Female Empowerment: Clarity, Connection, and Consciousness-Raising.





1 - Coaching

  • 1x1 or small group business coaching on every aspect of business establishment and growth: early-stage ideation, concept development, identifying target clients, articulating a company/business mission, developing a framework for products/services offered, community-building, sales and marketing assistance, and/or implementing existing or developing programs and goals.


2 - Culture

  • Assess, articulate, and improve company culture and communications

  • Assist stakeholders in finding and hiring the right people for their team(s)

  • Create community among staff and employees and advise on culture-building events and activities 

  • Institute a measure for employee satisfaction and morale, mentorships and professional development, as well as for reviews (including 360-degree reviews company-wide)


1 - Communications

  • Content input/creation/editing from web copy to email newsletter templates 

    • This includes longer form articles and blogs relevant to a company’s brand and mission, whether they exist on the company’s website or are pitched externally to other outlets.

    • General website content creation; reporting and writing articles for websites and newsletters; case studies and reports; editing

  • Investor and other decks (i.e. within Special Projects work stream)

  • Panels moderation (Zoom or in person) and event hosting/MC duties

  • Focus groups

  • Book and manuscript consulting: ghost-writing; editing (big picture, line, and technical); book marketing/sales strategy consulting. I am currently ghostwriting a business book with a marquee founder in the wellness space. 





1 - Clear Path Forward

  • Special Projects: step in to organize, lay out, weigh in on, galvanize, support, and hold team accountable on any given specific major project

  • Assist with ongoing operations and/or strategic roadmaps for growth - set in place clear processes for project and task completion, along with OKR and KPI measuremen


The reason I'm so capable of guiding other companies so successfully?

Because when it comes to business, I've been through it all.


I co-founded and grew a company. I negotiated formal separation from my co-founders in 2015. I rebranded. I grew some more. And less romantically, but probably most importantly, I closed down that first company entirely on my own from a legal, financial, investor, employee, and client perspective. I have learned every single thing, big or small, about this process. 

More specifically, I: 

...Was culture-creator for current staff of 35 women and all partners/vendors and other colleagues.

...Experienced extremely low staff turnover and high retention rate by (any) industry standard.

...Navigated negotiation and separation from my two co-founders, taking over company entirely in June 2015.

...Enacted an entire company rebrand and developed our Female Society in conjunction with our fitness studio.

...Engaged in all aspects of strategic growth.

...Created an LA pop-up location for one year to test the market, managing a bi-coastal business.

...Constantly generated creative new ideas.

...Focused laser-like on sales and managed to bootstrap year-over-year growth amidst massive industry downshifts.

...Created strategy for company Female Society event planning/execution: “Strong Women Uplift Each Other” and “Ladies Night In” events, Career & Inspiration Conventions, and so much more. 

....Created and liaised harmoniously with our Advisory Board. 

...Successfully managed Investor Relations. 

...Built key critical partnerships with other businesses in the fitness/health/wellness space and beyond.

....Continued to garner press mentions from an organic, self-developed/proprietary strategy PR (see LinkedIn profile above or HERE for examples). 

...After unwinding, attained successful acquisition by another women-only fitness studio, Jane DO.

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I can help with whatever aspect of business you're excited for, struggling with, or bored by.